Lebeau Boudoir

$99 Session Fee with $100 Print Credit!!

When I started this 3 years ago I never realized the impact I would have!!

In what job do you get to change perceptions, make women see that "yes you are beautiful". I get to do this daily. It all started with two women willing to give it a try in the dining room if my old home. Now I have photographed so many women I have lost track.

For the first time I am filling months with happiness. For the first time I can say that I am a full time photographer. When asked what I do for a job I love saying I make women feel beautiful through art. I cannot thank all of my past clients enough for trusting me to take their intimate images. More for some clients that allow me to share them for other women to see that there is no age, color, size or any other perception that can keep you from looking beautiful.

Again I humbly thank you all and I can't wait to meet all the women who will come in the future


Information and Pricing

The Boudoir Experience

$250 creative fee ($350 w/hair and makeup)


up to 5 outfits

In person Pre Session Consultation

Hair and makeup done in the studio to emphasize your beauty (if purchased)

up to 2 hour Boudoir Experience

Professional hand editing of every image

View and ordering session


All of our beautiful products are sold separately.

Payment plans available