What a year!!

I can’t believe that 2019 is almost done!! My year has been amazing! It was filled with so many stories from women and sessions that I have lost track.

With the last 3 months of the year here I ask you what was on your bucket list that you completed and what do you still want to check off?? Feel free to tell us in the comments and others may be able to help you complete it!

If you had to complete a boudoir on your bucket list there is not better time than now to give yourself an amazing holiday gift!! I only have a small handful of sessions left for 2019 and 2020 is already booking!!

When life gives you lemons.

Tonight I put myself out there. It is PCOS awareness month. I was diagnosed 8 years ago when I was trying to have my first child. I went through daily basal body temperatures, ovulation tests, even a doctor who said to eat a candy bar and tablespoon of butter a day (no lie as she just believed I was too small).

It finally took a trip to the specialists who asked if I always had acne breakouts. Yes my face and arms. She had an idea and with a quick test and the ability to not judge me by size I had an answer. Within a month in a half that amazing woman changed my life!

I don't tell you this as just a story but to remember not to judge people by what you see. PCOS is primarily a disease for larger women but the doctor looked past that. The same way you should look past what you see to know that every woman has a story.

P.s. Just me unedited and yes with some acne that I don't hate as much as it helped me learn my disease and get me 2 amazing children!

Please join in below with your own stories or if you know someone who has been through the same. You can also join our private group where we are talking about it also. Looking back there are many signs and symptoms that were all there but didn’t come to light until on amazing specialist connected the dots.


Thank you for listening to my story. While this is only a small part of it I hope it helps other women out there that are going through or have been through the same. I have placed comments on for this blog, so you can feel free to add your story or anything below.

Ms. A Chicopee, Ma studio

Ms. A came to me hoping to get some beautiful images of herself and oh boy did we get that done for her.!!She is now a gorgeous metal print in my Chicopee studio too, so you can come in and see one of my favorite images from her session.

Have you been thinking about doing your own boudoir shoot? What is holding you back?

So many clients tell me they are just too scared to ever shoot boudoir.  I can guarantee you that every client that walks into my studio is nervous.  It is totally normal! I tell you everything to do, how to pose, where to look, how to stand.  I pose you down to your toes and fingertips.  All you have to do is show up and bring your wardrobe (or borrow some from mine).  The end result is so worth the nerves.

Scroll down to see more images from Ms. A’s shoot!

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Extended What not to Wear

Thanks for following me here for more what not to wear outfits!


Image and lingerie via Fredericks.com

Oh my, the babydoll. Let’s discuss.

While this can give extra coverage in the bedroom and cover the areas most women are nervous about it is quite different in the studio.

But when it comes to photos, it is not the most flattering thing you can wear.

Check out the above photo with the pink babydoll – this particular model is not a larger woman, and it adds bulk to her middle. It makes her look larger than she is. For comparison, the same model, in another piece:


Image and lingerie via Fredericks.com

This is the same woman in both photos – but in one, she looks quite a bit larger in the middle – why? Because the babydoll fabric pushes out from her body, and creates the illusion of more bulk. I can safely say that most of us don’t want clothes ADDING inches in our middle!!

So what can you wear instead? Fitted is always better. Decorated lace like the black outfit above is always flattering also :)

Here is another example – same model, almost exactly the same lingerie, but one is fitted, and one is a true babydoll, flaring underneath her bust.


Image and lingerie via Fredericks.com

They are SO FREAKIN’ SIMILAR – I know it can be confusing! And in the case of the white pieces, they are both CALLED babydolls. The key here is to make sure that whatever you wear is FITTED, and not flared. Show off those curves, don’t hide them. I can help you with the best options where you are in the Lebeau Boudoir studio!!

#2 Too small options

That being said, let’s talk about another issue that I see often – we have lingerie that hides everything because it’s too much, but there is also lingerie that has teeny tiny straps that dig into your skin. Example:


This bra, and the whole set really, is beautiful. But the straps are teeny tiny. For some women, this is not an issue. But for some of us (myself included), teeny straps mean digging into skin. This isn’t necessarily dependent on your size, there are several factors that can play into this. Age, family background, size, and so many others. However, if you try on a bra and it is severely digging into your sides and shoulders, may I offer a more flattering option for you below.


Image from Nordstrom

These are often called “long line bras,” although I have seen them by other names elsewhere. The longer line under the bust lengthens your body, and is usually very flattering. They eliminate the straps digging into your skin. While it may not be your favorite piece for everyday wear, it also forces you to sit up straight, which is a must for boudoir photos. Sorry ladies, I know slouching is easier. ;) While I don’t really have bra and panty options to use in the Lebeau Boudoir closet I can definitely help you pick out the best options for you!!

#3 Bright Colors

I get it, I really do. Especially when it comes to neon pink. It’s fun – it’s upbeat, it’s loud, a tad obnoxious, but not in a crazy way. Especially when it comes to bras and panties – a little bit of fun underneath a work outfit that has to be kept to a specific standard. After all, if you have to dress appropriately for other people, who doesn’t want to spice things up a bit in ways that your coworkers don’t necessarily have to know about?

But it does NOT photograph well. At least not the super duper bright colors.

First up: bright neon pink. On the left, you’ll see the neon pink option, and on the right, a blue option with a cross dye lace. This pink isn’t as loud as some that I have seen, so it would be better than some other options – but do you notice how much detail is lost in the middle, near the bow? You can barely see the lace. This could potentially be an issue in photos, if you want to see those little details. Especially around areas that you want to show off – which often includes the cleavage!!


Now don’t get me wrong this can look great on some skin tones but I am as white as can be and this would look horrible on me!! Like I always say at the consult….try things on first!

As I close this out please know that this is not that daunting and picking the right outfits for your body is something that we talk about in your consultations. We go over what you love about your body and what you don’t love as much. Once I know I can direct you in the right direction to give you those amazing outfits for your customized session!!

Ready to learn more?? Fill out the inquiry at www.lebeauboudoir.com

What to Wear Do's and Don't

Easy Do’s and Don’t the week before your session

DO: Wear sexy panties – doesn’t matter is they are covering your booty or are barely there. Make sure they fit nicely, are in good condition and are a material that makes YOU feel sexy and confident. If you choose to use the boudoir closet please bring a black or nude thong.

DON’T: Wear granny panties! Granny panties are for comfy times- in your bed, at home! Not for your intimate photography shoot.

DO: Have your hair and make-up professionally done by one of our fabulous artists! This will ensure you have the right look and amount of glam to look good under the professional lighting at the studio! Plus it’s more time to feel pampered and who doesn’t want that?!

DON’T: Look on Pinterest and decide to get creative with your own hair and make-up. Let’s leave the experiments for home and girl time! We want to ensure you feel and look your absolute best the day of the shoot!

fun and sexy chicopee.jpg

DO: Exfoliate/shave your legs, arm pits, bikini area etc! You want to feel silky and smooth after all

DON’T: Accidentally forget to shave! Ahhh!

DO: Come with natural or lightly sun kissed skin.

DON’T: Use spray tans (booth or professional) or self tanner, we definitely do not recommend the use of either one. If you opt to use either a spray tan or self tanner; you may forfeit the use of certain sets for risk of the solution bleeding on to our beautiful sets. Please note that spray tans and self tanner do not photograph well in most cases.

DO: Wear outfits that you feel and look sexy in. You want to ensure the outfits fit nicely also.

DON’T: Wear outfits that are too tight or too baggy – you get the idea

belchertown outside image.jpg

DO: Opt for a mani/pedi- French tips work nicely as it is a classic look and will not clash with anything you decide to wear/not wear!

DON’T: Get too excited with patterns, dark/bright colors. We do not want your nails distracting from your beautiful face!

What is your favorite tip??? Add it below, so I can make sure to share with my future clients!!

A Past Client is a Forever Client

I was lucky enough to meet "J" long ago and have been able to photograph not only her daughter in her wedding dress, her family at a reunion, and now her taking on her sexy side. At her consultation we asked what her husband's hobbies were and we made sure to incorporate them into her session. For anyone who doesn't know I LOVE PROPS!!!! If you can mix two loves (yourself and either something you love to do or your significant loves...there is nothing better).

Although she knew me she was still a bit nervous for her session and we made sure by the time she was in her first outfit she was fully confident in her look and how we were going to find her sexy mojo. As you can see below she looked amaaaazing and rocked her session!!! While I can't show them all I can share some to give you an idea of what we can do for YOUR session :)

Hadley Farms Meeting House Wedding

I was given the best opportunity today!! I will now be one of the preferred wedding photographers and the only boudoir photographer for Hadley Farm Meeting House!!! I had a great opportunity to photograph a wedding there last year and thought that I would take a moment to share those with you. If your engaged and looking for a wedding venue Hadley Farms is an upcoming venue that has a great staff (they were there every step making sure the bride and groom had exactly what they needed), beautiful venue, and a new bridal suite for the ladies!!

Beautiful Opportunity

I had the opportunity to meet an amazing women a few weeks ago. She had chosen to do a boudoir for her boyfriend that was overseas (I do these often) but the difference with her is that when he gets home they have a few weeks together and then she will go into training. We talked about how strong their relationship must be and how he is going to be, so excited and sad all at the same time when he comes home. She had gotten hair and makeup done and her response when asked what she was looking for was to "Just make me look HOT!!" The amazing Sadie did just that and you can see below how well her images came out.

A beautiful boudoir session

We all know that I love to take boudoir photos in my amazing studio in Chicopee, MA. There is nothing better than making a woman feel beautiful, confident, and empowered. I cannot tell you how many times that women sit in the chair at their reveal and say "I can't believe that is me!!" This woman came in knowing that she wanted to do something special for not only herself but for her significant. There were a lot of things going on in their lives and I couldn't feel more inspired and emotional after hearing her story. The day of her session was a gorgeous sunny day that came though the large windows while she had her hair and makeup done by the amazing Sadie. After her nerves set that yes she was doing a boudoir (this happens all the time) she got into her outfits and we made some beautiful images. I couldn't have asked for a better client and I hope to have her and her family back in the future.

Sarah and James' Wedding

Although it was not in a church as originally planned this wedding could not have been more perfect. Sarah and James were greeted by family and friends as they tied the knot last month. They could not have asked for a more perfect day on lake congamond. The sun was out, wind blowing lightly, and the perfect temperature. Even the questions about how their little one was going to do going down the aisle were quickly brought to a halt as he walked out and while slowly he did make it down the aisle (and even did pretty good for pictures).

Sarah had her sister standing by her side during the wedding while James had his long time best friend making sure he didn't last minute jump over the side into the lake (just kidding!!).  Both gave great speeches about some silly memories and how much they have learned and grown together. Even Sarah's Dad made a great speech about how they learned that James would be the one for Sarah.

As the night went on there were opportunities for some beautiful sunset shots over the lake and friends and family spent the night dancing away. As I said earlier they could not have asked for a better wedding and I was honored to be able to photograph it for them. I was even able to get their images back to them in under a month!!!!

Absolutely Rocking a Session at Any Age

I had to take a moment to blog about how much I love my job!!! Everyone comes with pre-conceived notions about what boudoir is all about and how you have to be a certain age to have a session. Of course we all know I am here to change everyone's views and show you that ANY age women has the ability to look and feel beautiful. I was lucky enough to meet some amazing women lately. One was in for a milestone birthday (no age needed) and the other has been through some life experiences and came out strong. I have to say both women did AMAZING during their session and could not believe how they looked when they came in to see their reveal (pictures of which I only lightly edited....although they didn't want to believe it)!!

As always you can contact me at lebeauboudoir@yahoo.com or right on the contact page. I would love to bring you in and get you some amazing images also!!

Empowering Boudoir

All women come in saying that they are uncomfortable and that there are areas that they do not love about themselves. With Lebeau Boudoir I work to help you love everything about yourself. I  make sure that you feel like a model for your shoot. Every woman that comes back after having fun at their session cannot believe their images. There is always an "Oh my gosh", "That's me!!", or "I can't believe I look like that!!". To say that it is empowering is an understatement. Here are two of my latest clients who ROCKED their sessions and came back completely excited to see their images.

What is keeping you from letting me make you feel and look like a model while allowing you to see how sexy you really are? Here is a personal client comment after seeing their images:

"I never in a million years thought I could look so beautiful and be sexy in pictures and not feel awkward. It was a definite uplifting experience thats certain" - Client S.

A Look Back... Beautiful Fall Wedding

Heather and Robbin's Wedding

I had the chance to meet Heather back in the beginning of the year when she won an engagement session with Ashley's Perfect Prints. It was still very early in the year but she knew she wanted Robbin and herself to have engagement photos done at Stanley Park once it was nice enough outside (and the New England snow had finally melted). When that day had finally come and I met them at the bridge it took all of 5 minutes to see the love and fun that they had together. They are what every relationship should look like. They were strong for each other while doing just about anything under the sun to make each other laugh and allow me to capture their amazing engagement. I was able to make them a priceless video of all of their photos to share with everyone.

A few months later I was contacted by Heather again to sit down with them to talk about their wedding and how they wanted to me to also capture those special moments. I could not have been more humbled. I loved working with them for their engagement session and knew that capturing their wedding would be fun also. We talked about what they were looking for on their special day and I talked to them about the best package that would fit their needs. I learned that they had knownn each other for quite a while and that fate had brought them back together. They had the perfect story and a dream come true all at the same time.

Their wedding day came quickly and I cannot say enough about it. Heather was absolutely beautiful in her wedding gown and of course Robbin looked handsome in his fall colored suit. The church was gorgeously decorated with fall colors and her maid of honor even sang them a song during the ceremony. All the pews were filled with friends and family that love and adore them to complete the fairy tale dream wedding. After the wedding we went to the park to capture the bride, groom and their wedding party with the perfect fall trees in all their color. Although it was cold everyone pulled through and helped create amazing photos that Heather and Robbin will cherish forever. They ended the night at their dinner reception and have now gone off to start their lives as HUSBAND and WIFE. Congratulations Heather and Robbin and I wish you all the best!!

If you are interested in engagement or wedding photos please contact me at lebeauboudoir@yahoo.com or connect through the contact page.

What is Boudoir?

When women (or men) think of boudoir different things may come to mind. First this is in no way dirty. Boudoir photography by definition is :

Boudoir photography is not generally a new concept and numerous examples including images of Clara Bow, Mae West and Jean Harlow photographed in a boudoir style from the 1920s through the 1940s.

Typically shot in a photographer's studio or luxury hotel suites, it has become fashionable to create a set of sensual or sexually suggestive images of women (and occasionally men and couples) in "boudoir style". The most common manifestation of contemporary boudoir photography is to take variations of candid and posed photographs of the subject partly clothed or in lingerie. Nudity is more often implied than explicit. Commercially the genre is often (though not exclusively) derived from a market for brides to surprise their future husbands by gifting the images on or before their wedding day. Other motivations or inspiration for boudoir photography shoots include anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's Day, weight loss regimes, other form of body change or alteration (such as breast augmentation or reduction) and for servicemen and women overseas.

Boudoir photography may, in some cases, be distinguished from other photography genres such as glamour photography, fine art nude photography

As you can see boudoir is nothing new and is definitely not going anywhere in the future. Not only can it be given to your significant other, but it is an amazing opportunity for yourself to create art that will make you feel amazing about your body while boosting your self esteem and making you feel sexy.

With Valentine's Day coming book early to get your slot and get your significant other the best gift possible. What would be better than sexy photos that can be looked at year round. Contact me today at lebeauboudoir@yahoo.com

Sexy Star Wars???

Sexy Star Wars....Boudoir with a Twist

When you think of Star Wars what do you think of: Classic - Innovative - Legendary - Inspired - Grabbing. I bet you never think of Sexy Boudoir. At Lebeau Boudoi I love to take on a challenge I have to say I love this session for a sexy themed Star Wars Boudoir and I never would have guessed it would have come out like this. It all started at our consultation where she told me her boyfriend LOVED Star Wars and what could we do special for him. It is their anniversary soon and she wanted to knock his socks off. We talked about what she had that she could wear and I wanted to keep it simple (we wanted the eyes on her). She told me how he had a robe and a light saber for one outfit, a t-shirt and socks for another, and that she had an outfit she wore to comic con too. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. We talked about different poses that we could do in each and made sure I knew what she was comfortable with.

Skip ahead to her session day when she came in for her hair and makeup and I finally got to see these outfits. They were perfect for boudoir with a twist!!! She absolutely rocket the session. Each outfit we worked to make sure Star Wars was always in view or that the idea of Star Wars was present. Her facial expressions and the poses that we did made for a perfect session. Here are some of her shots (more located under Boudoir tab).

She came back for her reveal and could not believe how well they came out or that she was looking at herself. She knew that he would love them and could not wait to share them when she went to visit him (he is in training right now). Another happy and satisfied customer!! If you are interested in booking a Boudoir Session please contact me at lebeauboudoir@yahoo.com.