Add your Girlfriends Game!


Instead of opening the flood gates for another ‘add as many as you can’, I want you to take a moment and be more intentional. Think of the women you are friends with who are as positive, kind, and encouraging as the atmosphere we have created in our little community of women shows just this. Keep reading for more info!


For every 10 women adds, you get 1 entry. There is also a maximum of 5 entries this time, to limit it further. I don’t want it to get to big too quickly as we can loose the group and we have too much fun for that!!'

Please tag who you invite in the comments and why you invited them, so I can keep track of how many you added. Women don’t just get added now they have to approve the invitation, so some may choose not to join if they don’t understand what our group is about.

Have fun ladies and good luck!!!


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