What My Clients Say:

-I wanted to do something special and out of the box for my husband. I had contemplated for awhile on boudoir photos. I knew my husband loves me just the way I am but I didn't have self love. I decided to have a consult anyway, to see what it was all about. I'm so glad I did, although still so nervous! Ashley explained everything in detail. ( I'm a detail kind of girl!) She assured me we would only do poses I was comfortable doing. Ashley has a wonderful personality, which made me feel like I could actually be sexy and take beautiful photographs! My self esteem boosted so much from doing this photo shoot. Even more so when my husband recieved the final product. He loved them and so did I. Such a wonderful experience! -S-

-Me and my husband got engaged, and got married within five months. My biggest fear was finding a photographer I enjoyed, not only as a photographer, but also as a friend. Meeting with Ashley was so relaxed, I didn't feel over whelmed or anything! It was like meeting with any... Read More friend of mine. As my wedding got closer, the weather looked roughed. Thankfully, when I called ashley freaking out, she was able to calm me down, and make me feel positive again about my wedding day! The pictures I had gotten back were amazing, and I cried. Most photographers told me I would have my pictures back two months after my wedding, ashley had them back within 3 weeks! My husband was able to enjoy the pictures before he left for his deployment! Thank you again ashley! Can't wait to do more with you! -Alyssa

-When I first heard about Lebeau Boudoir, I was skeptical. I had a very low self-image and didn't feel beautiful at all. I had just turned 40 and really felt "frumpy". A friend of mine recommended Lebeau to help boost that image. I booked my apt and was extremely nervous. I was not expecting to feel sexy. Not only did I feel sexy by the end of my session but I felt like a princess. I felt beautiful and gorgeous, like I could be anything I wanted to be. The true change happened when I went for my reveal... I couldn't believe my eyes! My initial reaction was that Ashley had altered my photos but they were only touched up minimally. I knew then that I was beautiful on my own. That was the day I gained my self-image back, the day I started to rebuild me. It was the day I told myself I am beautiful even with all my flaws. If it was not for Ashley I would still be stuck on the self-image I had prior to my session. Ashley makes you comfortable, makes you feel beautiful. She makes you realize that although you may have flaws or imperfections, you are still gorgeous and unique. Those flaws and imperfections are what makes you so very beautiful. I highly recommend Lebeau Boudoir! -D-

- I was very hesitant to book my appointment, I'm not at my ideal body weight and I've never been one to really pose well for the camera. Regardless of those feelings, I went along with my appointment and it was one of the best decisions ever. Ashley was so welcoming, accomodating and helped me love myself. I was doing this not only for my fiancé as a wedding gift but for myself as well. Every women deserves to feel beautiful inside and out and these photos were empowering and the proof I needed to grow as a person. I was stunned with the outcome, saying to myself 'that's me??!?'
Needless to say, if you have any hesitations, put them aside and take that leap of faith. You'll be in great hands with Ashley and you may surprise yourself. - Kayla

- As like a lot of woman I was too hesitant to book my appointment. I came in contact with Lebaeu Boudoir because my sister invited me to join, when I did it just so happens that Ashley was looking to photograph soon to be brides. So of course my sister encouraged me to check it out. Ashley & I talked for a day or so & we booked my appointment! I was so excited & nervous all the way up to the photo shoot! But once I was there & all dolled up, Ashley really made me feel comforta...ble & confident. We had a great time & of course a few laughs. I left feeling great. Tonight I finally got to see the pictures & WOW! I am very happy with her work. I brought my fiance with me to help me pick out the pictures, we had a great time and both of us are super happy with how they came out. Thank you Ashley for a great experience, you are wonderful at what you do & your work shows that you love what you do. I can't wait to get my photos in. -Tira

-“She totally captured the beauty of my body . I could not be happier with my experience and my photos!” -Jillian

-"I loved going to Lebeau Boudoir! She is an amazing photographer and she made me really feel at home! I didn't feel uncomfortable at all! We laughed and joked and it was so much fun! I recommend her to every person who wants photography of any style!" - Jessica

-"The best anniversary present I could've ever given came directly from Ashley's Perfect Prints (Lebeau Boudoir). Although I was hesitant about doing a boudoir  photo shoot, Ashley made me very comfortable from the very beginning. She was easy to contact and responded quickly to my emails. Unlike other boudoir photographers that I had researched, Ashley did not make editing and photoshop a number one priority. Rather she explained that although there would be an editing process it would not take away from my own natural beauty. During the photoshoot she made sure that I was as comfortable as possible and made the whole experience fun and enjoyable. When it came to the reveal I was shocked at how amazing my pictures came out. Ashley will do anything to make her clients happy and really becomes your friend during the process. She is so dedicated and eager about photography and I cannot imagine going to anyone else for any pictures I may need." - Karolina

-"Ashley did such a great job with my shoot. This was my first time doing anything of this nature and she walked me through everything step by step. She makes you feel so comfortable and at easy while doing the whole session. She talked with me and brainstormed ideas before the shoot and even had sneak peaks ready for me so quickly. She offers so many different products to buy too!!! Needless to say it was an amazing experience and I walked away with some of the best pictures that have ever been taken of me!! I would highly recommend her to everyone!!! 10 out of 10" -A

-"I never in a million years thought i could look so beautiful and be sexy in pictures and not feel awkward. It was a definite uplifting experience thats certain" -S

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