Sexy Star Wars???

Sexy Star Wars....Boudoir with a Twist

When you think of Star Wars what do you think of: Classic - Innovative - Legendary - Inspired - Grabbing. I bet you never think of Sexy Boudoir. At Lebeau Boudoi I love to take on a challenge I have to say I love this session for a sexy themed Star Wars Boudoir and I never would have guessed it would have come out like this. It all started at our consultation where she told me her boyfriend LOVED Star Wars and what could we do special for him. It is their anniversary soon and she wanted to knock his socks off. We talked about what she had that she could wear and I wanted to keep it simple (we wanted the eyes on her). She told me how he had a robe and a light saber for one outfit, a t-shirt and socks for another, and that she had an outfit she wore to comic con too. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. We talked about different poses that we could do in each and made sure I knew what she was comfortable with.

Skip ahead to her session day when she came in for her hair and makeup and I finally got to see these outfits. They were perfect for boudoir with a twist!!! She absolutely rocket the session. Each outfit we worked to make sure Star Wars was always in view or that the idea of Star Wars was present. Her facial expressions and the poses that we did made for a perfect session. Here are some of her shots (more located under Boudoir tab).

She came back for her reveal and could not believe how well they came out or that she was looking at herself. She knew that he would love them and could not wait to share them when she went to visit him (he is in training right now). Another happy and satisfied customer!! If you are interested in booking a Boudoir Session please contact me at