Absolutely Rocking a Session at Any Age

I had to take a moment to blog about how much I love my job!!! Everyone comes with pre-conceived notions about what boudoir is all about and how you have to be a certain age to have a session. Of course we all know I am here to change everyone's views and show you that ANY age women has the ability to look and feel beautiful. I was lucky enough to meet some amazing women lately. One was in for a milestone birthday (no age needed) and the other has been through some life experiences and came out strong. I have to say both women did AMAZING during their session and could not believe how they looked when they came in to see their reveal (pictures of which I only lightly edited....although they didn't want to believe it)!!

As always you can contact me at lebeauboudoir@yahoo.com or right on the contact page. I would love to bring you in and get you some amazing images also!!