Sarah and James' Wedding

Although it was not in a church as originally planned this wedding could not have been more perfect. Sarah and James were greeted by family and friends as they tied the knot last month. They could not have asked for a more perfect day on lake congamond. The sun was out, wind blowing lightly, and the perfect temperature. Even the questions about how their little one was going to do going down the aisle were quickly brought to a halt as he walked out and while slowly he did make it down the aisle (and even did pretty good for pictures).

Sarah had her sister standing by her side during the wedding while James had his long time best friend making sure he didn't last minute jump over the side into the lake (just kidding!!).  Both gave great speeches about some silly memories and how much they have learned and grown together. Even Sarah's Dad made a great speech about how they learned that James would be the one for Sarah.

As the night went on there were opportunities for some beautiful sunset shots over the lake and friends and family spent the night dancing away. As I said earlier they could not have asked for a better wedding and I was honored to be able to photograph it for them. I was even able to get their images back to them in under a month!!!!