What to Wear Do's and Don't

Easy Do’s and Don’t the week before your session

DO: Wear sexy panties – doesn’t matter is they are covering your booty or are barely there. Make sure they fit nicely, are in good condition and are a material that makes YOU feel sexy and confident. If you choose to use the boudoir closet please bring a black or nude thong.

DON’T: Wear granny panties! Granny panties are for comfy times- in your bed, at home! Not for your intimate photography shoot.

DO: Have your hair and make-up professionally done by one of our fabulous artists! This will ensure you have the right look and amount of glam to look good under the professional lighting at the studio! Plus it’s more time to feel pampered and who doesn’t want that?!

DON’T: Look on Pinterest and decide to get creative with your own hair and make-up. Let’s leave the experiments for home and girl time! We want to ensure you feel and look your absolute best the day of the shoot!

fun and sexy chicopee.jpg

DO: Exfoliate/shave your legs, arm pits, bikini area etc! You want to feel silky and smooth after all

DON’T: Accidentally forget to shave! Ahhh!

DO: Come with natural or lightly sun kissed skin.

DON’T: Use spray tans (booth or professional) or self tanner, we definitely do not recommend the use of either one. If you opt to use either a spray tan or self tanner; you may forfeit the use of certain sets for risk of the solution bleeding on to our beautiful sets. Please note that spray tans and self tanner do not photograph well in most cases.

DO: Wear outfits that you feel and look sexy in. You want to ensure the outfits fit nicely also.

DON’T: Wear outfits that are too tight or too baggy – you get the idea

belchertown outside image.jpg

DO: Opt for a mani/pedi- French tips work nicely as it is a classic look and will not clash with anything you decide to wear/not wear!

DON’T: Get too excited with patterns, dark/bright colors. We do not want your nails distracting from your beautiful face!

What is your favorite tip??? Add it below, so I can make sure to share with my future clients!!