Extended What not to Wear

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Image and lingerie via Fredericks.com

Oh my, the babydoll. Let’s discuss.

While this can give extra coverage in the bedroom and cover the areas most women are nervous about it is quite different in the studio.

But when it comes to photos, it is not the most flattering thing you can wear.

Check out the above photo with the pink babydoll – this particular model is not a larger woman, and it adds bulk to her middle. It makes her look larger than she is. For comparison, the same model, in another piece:


Image and lingerie via Fredericks.com

This is the same woman in both photos – but in one, she looks quite a bit larger in the middle – why? Because the babydoll fabric pushes out from her body, and creates the illusion of more bulk. I can safely say that most of us don’t want clothes ADDING inches in our middle!!

So what can you wear instead? Fitted is always better. Decorated lace like the black outfit above is always flattering also :)

Here is another example – same model, almost exactly the same lingerie, but one is fitted, and one is a true babydoll, flaring underneath her bust.


Image and lingerie via Fredericks.com

They are SO FREAKIN’ SIMILAR – I know it can be confusing! And in the case of the white pieces, they are both CALLED babydolls. The key here is to make sure that whatever you wear is FITTED, and not flared. Show off those curves, don’t hide them. I can help you with the best options where you are in the Lebeau Boudoir studio!!

#2 Too small options

That being said, let’s talk about another issue that I see often – we have lingerie that hides everything because it’s too much, but there is also lingerie that has teeny tiny straps that dig into your skin. Example:


This bra, and the whole set really, is beautiful. But the straps are teeny tiny. For some women, this is not an issue. But for some of us (myself included), teeny straps mean digging into skin. This isn’t necessarily dependent on your size, there are several factors that can play into this. Age, family background, size, and so many others. However, if you try on a bra and it is severely digging into your sides and shoulders, may I offer a more flattering option for you below.


Image from Nordstrom

These are often called “long line bras,” although I have seen them by other names elsewhere. The longer line under the bust lengthens your body, and is usually very flattering. They eliminate the straps digging into your skin. While it may not be your favorite piece for everyday wear, it also forces you to sit up straight, which is a must for boudoir photos. Sorry ladies, I know slouching is easier. ;) While I don’t really have bra and panty options to use in the Lebeau Boudoir closet I can definitely help you pick out the best options for you!!

#3 Bright Colors

I get it, I really do. Especially when it comes to neon pink. It’s fun – it’s upbeat, it’s loud, a tad obnoxious, but not in a crazy way. Especially when it comes to bras and panties – a little bit of fun underneath a work outfit that has to be kept to a specific standard. After all, if you have to dress appropriately for other people, who doesn’t want to spice things up a bit in ways that your coworkers don’t necessarily have to know about?

But it does NOT photograph well. At least not the super duper bright colors.

First up: bright neon pink. On the left, you’ll see the neon pink option, and on the right, a blue option with a cross dye lace. This pink isn’t as loud as some that I have seen, so it would be better than some other options – but do you notice how much detail is lost in the middle, near the bow? You can barely see the lace. This could potentially be an issue in photos, if you want to see those little details. Especially around areas that you want to show off – which often includes the cleavage!!


Now don’t get me wrong this can look great on some skin tones but I am as white as can be and this would look horrible on me!! Like I always say at the consult….try things on first!

As I close this out please know that this is not that daunting and picking the right outfits for your body is something that we talk about in your consultations. We go over what you love about your body and what you don’t love as much. Once I know I can direct you in the right direction to give you those amazing outfits for your customized session!!

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